Hello there,

I am Lena Zaycman,

a multidisciplinary designer & maker

with a passion for stained glass & ceramics.

I hold a degree in Advertising, but my love for art led me down a different path.

Stained glass is my primary art form that has burst into my life unexpectedly and become a defining aspect of the artistic practice for many years.

Using the classic Tiffany technique in base combined with other materials such as brass, plexiglass & etc. I transform animals, plants, amorphous shapes, and imaginary creatures into art objects. I love both abstract and realistic forms equally, either bright & bold or calm & natural colors, eighter flat or voluminous representations - this allows me not to be stuck on one style and dive into diverse projects freely.

The new direction based on this technique that I work on now is the three-dimensional design of lamps.



Ceramics is a new medium that I started exploring in 2022.

Compared to stained glass, I find it more unpredictable, which is one of the things that draws me to it. I know where I start, I know roughly where I want to end, and everything in between is born along the way. It's like taking a free flight and seeing where my creativity takes me. What I find most intriguing about ceramics is the ability to play with shapes and additional materials to create unique and intricate designs.



Mixture of these two mediums with some additions in the form of beads, moulinet & etc. is my passion now.

This combination allows me to go from purely decorative objects to where the decorative meets the functional.



CRANE DESIGN • Petersburg, Russia

1000 VASES • Paris, France



Etsy Journal • USA