Dear friends!
I am on vacation from June 14th to June 20th.
- trying to find real whales in the North Sea and swim with them in super cold water -

All orders will be processed after June 20th.


stained glass | solder | brass | 2019 

My most natural & green collection of stained glass décor called BALI line contains five designs of different plants that I discovered on my trip to Bali in 2018.

During this trip, I saw not only tropical plants but also a lot of abandoned dogs and cats. And this 'dogs&cats' situation breaks my heart. I picked up a little puppy I called Bali. But unfortunately, she was too weak and didn't survive, no matter what I tried to do.


I wanted to immortalize my little Bali in works. She's got the cutest tail I've ever seen: it was ginger like the rest of the body and ended up with a little white tassel. I have interwoven this sweet tail into every work of this line, made in gold and white.


I dedicate this line to Bali and all the dogs and cats on the planet.

Love them, they need it very much, and they are so grateful for your love.