Dear friends!
I am on vacation from June 14th to June 20th.
- trying to find real whales in the North Sea and swim with them in super cold water -

All orders will be processed after June 20th.



stained glass | solder | brass | 2020 - 2021

The BUDDY line started with these ten minimalistic designs of different dog breeds, including my rescue dog Kinder. Later I began to make other breeds on requests, and now it's 23 different designs, including one cat.

The first and central reason I initiated this collection in 2020 and keep working on it is that I wanted to create my tiny personal fund to donate more for stray dogs & cats and spread the word that pet adoption is very cool. I donate part of the income from the BUDDY line to help and support those animals.


My worry for stray animals in shelters and on the streets grew gradually. I watched my very good friend Sasha @burninka helping homeless dogs and cats for many years and helped her with money from time to time. 

Meanwhile, Rachel Brathen @yoga_girl that I was following on Instagram launched The Sgt. Pepper's Friends foundation on Aruba before my eyes, and I started to send some donations there too.


Then I bumped into another girl on Instagram - Nastya @nasty_mommy, who lived in Moscow and was a foster mom for dogs and cats. I saw our Kinder on her page; his name was Pinguin at that time. After a week of considerations, my boyfriend and I decided to take him. We drove from Petersburg to Moscow to pick him up. He was three months old, super sweet, and very playful. When Nastya opened the front door, he met us dangling on the ear of a massive and very serene Nastya's bull terrier, Mikki. Kinder went out with us easily and with no worries, like we were his family already and slept on Andrey's knees peacefully all the way back to Petersburg - to his forever home.