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collaboration with Sasha Gunga


Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself.

– Jean-Paul Sartre

Some of my fondest childhood memories are the evenings when my parents would bring out the projector and we would watch fairy tales on the film slides while my mother read the accompanying text.


Childhood is the time when many potentials are laid in us, both positive and negative in the broad sense of these terms, which can "grow" or "freeze" in the future. And this is up to us, it is entirely our responsibility. What we will focus on, what we will nurture in ourselves, and what we will process and discard, turning it into life experience.


Potentials are like seeds; if they are "watered" - given focused attention - they will inevitably sprout and grow into different forms: character traits, beliefs, ideas about life, and attitudes toward it. Seeds are important, but not the main thing. Ultimately, it is the choices that make us who we are. The result can be very different from the same starting point.







The project represents art objects made of two materials - ceramics and glass. The prototype for them were the diafilms and film slides that many people remember from their childhood. Many families had a projector that parents would set up in the evenings and show their children colored film slides with fairy tales. It was a real mystery and magic to transform a white sheet on the wall into a screen on which anything could be seen. As a visual basis for our art objects, we took the form of a slide and the idea of a slide projector, where a colored image emerges from a dark box with the power of a bright beam of light.


Each person is an individual with a unique set of characteristics. It's as if a beam of light from a projector pushes us out of our cozy childhood and into this world. And what kind of picture you get as a result depends on you. You can grow a wild forest or create a beautiful garden - both will have their own beauty. But it is important to realize that the environment in which we grew up as children does not always directly influence the way we have become. In the project "Sprouts" we show that each of us, with our will and awareness, is able to choose the present. We ourselves influence who we have become and what kind of garden we have grown.



red clay, colored engobes,ceramic glaze,

stained glass

20 x 20 cm, height 35 cm

PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexandra Kurlygina | @kurlygina_pix

It took 3 years from the moment the idea sparked in my head until the finished pieces appeared.




Museum of Moscow    Moscow

The project was presented by the gallery ART&BRUT.
All five art objects were sold out within the first three days of the fair.



Art&Brut Galerie    Moscow

Two objects out of five have been selected: Mikki and Groot.
The project was awarded second prize.

* a collaborative project of the Ceramania Festival and the Get Art Fit school for artists