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                        – light

stained glass | solder          


The project represents lightning art objects made of colored and clear glass using the classic Tiffany stained glass technique, and involves the creation of different combinations both in terms of patterns and color combinations, as well as in the shape of the objects.


At present, two art objects have been created.

· combination of ·

· intense and saturated with minimalistic and laconic

· eccentric with balanced

· richness of ornaments and colors with calmness and airiness in space

The name reflects the main idea of the project and combines two contrasting concepts: the Spanish “loca”, which translates as crazy or insane, and the English “laconic”, which means concise, succinct. Similar in sound combinations and pronunciation, but completely different in meaning, these notions are combined in the project in a modified form, emphasizing the angularity and graphic nature of the objects and conveying their basic idea.

The inspiration behind the creation of the project was the desire to give a modern and more relevant interpretation to the image of classic stained glass lamps, which are often oversaturated with colors and bulky elements, to lighten their design and make it more airy, while preserving the rich color component.


Alexandra Kurlygina | @kurlygina_pix