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Shelly creature #FOUR

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Handcrafted stained glass art object made in Tiffany technique.

Shelly creatures is a line of stained-glass objects consisting of 5 items in different forms and color combinations made in two sizes.

Shelly creatures live in the azure waters of the seabed near the coast, where no man can reach. Surrounded by colorful corals, bizarre seaweeds, and fish, they sway in unison with the warm and gentle undercurrent. Intricate shells protect the creatures hidden in them, which stick out with their tender and defenseless sprouts to feel the world around them and sway on the underwater waves.

Some might think that because the tender and defenseless sprouts are black, they are evil. But this is not the case. They are just like that.


Stained glass / Solder / Brass

cm:   20 x 27
inch: 8 x 10 2/3

Brass base
cm:   10 x 5 x 0.8
inch: 4 x 2 x 1/3

Handcrafted in the classic Tiffany technique and installed on a brass base.
The seams of the stained glass part are made in the black color.
The "sprouts" are made of brass tubes with black patina on them.

Made in 2020.

Link to the project.

Shipping cost is NOT included in the price and is calculated individually.


- Each item's colors might slightly vary from the colors on the photos since every piece of glass has its unique tracery.
- All of the products come nicely and securely packaged, whether you're purchasing as a gift for yourself or for someone you love.
- The metal base is made of pure brass. Although it’s a metal, it is pretty soft, so be careful with scratching it, and also, the brass doesn’t really like to be touched by hands too much.
-  The color of brass darkens over time. This is a natural oxidation process.
- This item contains lead material. Only dangerous if ingested. But as a precaution, wash hands after handling and keep away from children.

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