Dear friends!
I am on vacation from June 14th to June 20th.
- trying to find real whales in the North Sea and swim with them in super cold water -

All orders will be processed after June 20th.


- light -


YALLO light is a lighting art object created especially for the new space of the clothing brand YALLO located in Nizhny Novgorod.

I came up with an idea of the art object for YALLO!

“In this object I want to reflect the cool YALLO spirit - a mix of super bright, geometric & modern with the traditional embroidery, patchwork & patterns you use in your clothes.


It will be a light object based on an irregularly shaped volumetric figure made of clear glass.  From different edges of this figure, perpendicular to these edges, will "protrude" brightly colored letters YALLO, slightly recessed in the same edges. Since the light source will be inside the volumetric figure and the letters will be made of a single piece of glass, the letters will "glow" from the light source.


On some transparent sides there will be "patches" with patchwork-like patterns: stripes, squares, floral ornaments, etc.”


From my message to YALLO's owner

Lights on!


Alexandra Kurlygina | @kurlygina_pix