Dear friends!
I am on vacation from June 14th to June 20th.
- trying to find real whales in the North Sea and swim with them in super cold water -

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stained glass | solder | brass | 2021

The collection of five ZOOBASTIKS was born under the influence of awareness of the concept of personal boundaries and the importance of building these boundaries while respecting others.


The name Zoobastik comes from the Russian word 'зуб', which reads 'zoob' and means tooth. And the full name translates as a nibbler. I wanted to use the Russian word transliterated into English because, thanks to the ringing z-sound, it is sharp and ringing, and the softened dull sounds at the end make it somehow rounded, just like Zoobastiks themselves - playful and cute.



Many people may think that Zoobastiks are something extremely toothy, terribly dangerous, and very scary. And what if they just didn't meet real Zoobastiks who are funny and witty, playful and hilarious, who adore being friends and love to fool around and make their buddies laugh. They are bright and colorful, and teeth & spikes are helpful to them if they suddenly need to stand up for their lovely friends.